हेल्प इंडिया के हेल्प पैनल को अपडेट किया जा रहा है जिससे आपको फण्डरेज करने में आसानी हो | इसलिए आगे से आपको हेल्प के लिए हेल्प इंडिया के नए हेल्प पैनल पर आवेदन करना होगा | आगे दिए गए लिंक पर जाकर लॉगिन करें और हेल्प के लिए आवेदन करें | लॉगिंन करें - http://helping-hands.helpindiaonline.in/login.aspx


Every person is able to lead their life with dignity and pride while respecting others in the society.

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Sanjay Ji Bhalerao from Maharashtra and has been associated with Help India for 18 months. He has been given a community help of Rs 1 lakh as well as a compulsory help of Rs 146,340 by members from the Helping Wallet. Sanjay Ji has thanked Mr. Jagdish Ji Pareek and the entire Help India family for this help of Help India. Help India has provided a platform for community help for the marriage of daughters to members.

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Sanjay ji gets a cheque of Rs 1,46,340

Help India online is hybrid organization, finding innovative ways to challenge the traditional thinking about nonprofit organization (by focusing on economically sustainable models) and for-profit businesses (by focusing on solving social issues). They introduce structures and incentives typical of profit-seeking businesses into organization with charitable goals, assuming that an institutional setting focused on profits will outperform one focused on charity.

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Army Welfare Donation
Army Welfare Donation

K.SHIVAJEE Daughter  Chiranjeevi Kavya Weds Praveen Kumar Marriage held on Date 26-11-2020  Help India Pariwar Give Marriage Help Rs.25,000/- at Velkicharla (Village) Bhoothpur (Mandal) Mahabubnagar (District) Telangana State -509001.

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Girls marriage
Girls marriage

Shambhaji Mahadev Indore is the city head of Help India Online Foundation, Maharastra some time ago he got an infection in his lung, due to which he had to be treated. His treatment cost a lot of money, but he did not have to face much problems because in this difficult situation Help India Online Foundation helped him with Medical Help and took care of all his illness. 

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Shambha ji Indore gets Rs 1,01,000 chequ

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