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We Are Non Profit Team

Help India Online is an NGO that aims to work for the people without benefit. Help India is working in various fields like education, preventive health, employment and self-reliant India of the country. Help India has created a platform of Digital Help to people by the people, where people can help each other in times of need and bring happiness in people's lives.

It is the wish of every Indian to become a prosperous, self-reliant, healthy and advanced India in the 21st century, but in the midst of reaching all of them there are many obstacles in front of us. Even today, all the children of our country are not able to get nutritious food for 2 times, crores of children are malnourished. Apart from this, it is difficult for a common man to afford expensive health treatment. There are many similar problems due to which people still have to face many difficulties in their lives.

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Who We Are

We Are A Global Community Changing The Way The World Tackles Digital Help In Their Life.

The creation of Help India is to remove all kinds of problems of the people and to create a social platform for the people, by which whenever any difficulty comes in front of everyone, then all the people of the society come together to face that difficulty like a family.

Help India is a non-profit organization that has been awarded many awards for the social work. Help India has also been awarded the Best Startup Award of 2020. In addition, at the time of Corona, Help India fulfilled the social responsibilities like distributing masks, food distribution, Grocery distribution and sanitization in public places and installed sanitization machines across the country.

Impressed by the work of Help India, Help India has been honored with many awards not only in the country but also abroad. Today a large number of people are getting help through the digital help platform of Help India.

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