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Even though we have entered the 21st century, the condition of girls in our society has not improved as expected. While another girl is making a mark in the world through her work in every field, the same other girls are not taught and they are discriminated against in every way. Even today, more than 40% of the girls are rescued till their teens and are employed in household chores or they are married at a young age.

Our Mission - Our aim is to make education accessible to every girl so that they can become strong and live by raising their heads in society. An educated girl does not only teach herself but also plays an important role in making the whole family and the generations to come educated and cultured. Let us contribute 1200 rupees to teach a girl child. Your contribution is not only to make the future of a girl bright, but also to make the future of the whole society bright.

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Help India Online Impact

Help India Online partners with the most credible nonprofits to make sure your donation does what it is supposed to - change lives. Join us in this mission to ensure that every girl in our country has access to the fundamental right to education. Your support for a girl's schooling will:
Give access to education

A better future for them & their families

Impact dropout rates

More girls will finish school

Prevent child marriages

Educated girls are 6 times less likely to marry early