Mission: No Child Homeless Gift shelter to a street child in India

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Help Homeless Children for Shelter

Homeless children begging on the streets and crossroads still show the dark side of our society which we often ignore. Instead of jumping in childhood and studying to create a bright future, these children are spending their lives just selling goods or begging on the road. These homeless children are the easiest victims of child labor, drugs and trafficking. Surely, after spending life with this childhood, at an early age, these children can take a wrong path, which is not at all good for the society making progress. Even today, more than 1 crore children in India are working on the pavement and spending their lives.

Our Mission - Helping the homeless children to live a good life, providing them nutrition full food and helping them to enter school helps India. You too can light a child's dark life with a little help of Rs 100 and make his future bright. We assure that your help will reach the eligible person.

922 Children Still Need Support
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3000 Per Month Supports 1 Children

Help India Online Impact

Help India Online partners with the most credible nonprofits to make sure your donation does what it is supposed to - change lives. Join us in this mission to provide a protective and happy childhood to homeless children. Every child in our country deserves access to their basic rights. Every child you pledge to support will get:
3 meals a day

to grow strong and healthy

Right to education

to build a better future for themselves

Better healthcare

to fight malnutrition