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Help the poor malnourished children to get nutritious food

India should be the fastest growing economy of the 21st century and the standard of living of the people has improved in the last few years but it cannot be denied that even today India has the largest number of malnourished children. Even though the production of food grains has increased 5 times in the last 70 years after independence, the problem of malnutrition still remains. Poverty is the biggest reason for malnutrition. The problem of malnutrition is not due to non availability of food grains but due to poor purchasing power to purchase food due to poverty. Due to malnutrition, the problem of anemia, goitre and weakening of bones of children comes due to which the infant mortality rate increases.

Mission No Child Hungry - Our organization Help India Online Foundation is an NPO institute whose goal is to ensure that no child in India gets hungry and gets nutritious food. For this, food kits are being distributed by our organization to children in which food containing protein, vitamins and iron are being given. You too can participate in this noble cause of our organization and can help in providing nutritious food to the poor and malnourished children.

922 Children Still Need Support
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Help India Online Impact

Help India Online partners with the most credible nonprofits to make sure your donation does what it is supposed to - change lives. Join us in this mission to ensure that every child in our country has access to nutritious food. Your support for a child’s nutritional growth will:
Save a child from malnutrition

Healthy growth for all children

Reduce the risk of Covid-19 in poor children

Nutritious food will boost the immune system

Help eradicate hunger

Well nourished children is a move towards a hunger-free future